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When you own a small business, the joys of independence are occasionally tainted by needing to be the expert in every way.


What would happen if the Department of Labor came for an audit or you had an OSHA complaint?  Struggle with constant competition for talent?  Baffled by unemployment and workers compensation issues?  Wish you had a Chief People Officer? 


You can!


On Demand Solutions specializes in companies from 5 – 600 employees, that it financially does not make sense to have a Human Resources (HR) person or to have a high level HR person that keeps you on target with the constant change in regulations and best practices.

On Demand Solutions is based in Nashville, Tennessee but serves clients all over the country.  On Demand provides services for "all things people", and we focus on filling in the gaps.  We work with our clients to provide ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED, when it is needed.  We are typically a fraction of the cost of a full time employee with the added benefits of having a team of experts and none of the cost that comes with a full time staff.  Every On Demand partner is assessed and recommended based on what your company is missing or needs strengthened.  We CAN be your entire HR and People Department, but in most cases, we provide the few missing links that round out your entire team. 

Let us help you get back to the business of running your business! 

I love this team!! They are so supportive and I’d be lost without them!

Rendi J.

HR Manager

"We would like to say thank you, for the new training program. We are all extremely excited to roll this out. The staff has been expressing how happy they are to now have something that will show their accomplishments in the store, and how much this is an eye opener for all of us. Again, we just want to say thanks to all of you and thank you for all the hard work that you have put into this program. We are happy, happy, happy!!!!"

General Manager JAX

The Krystal Company

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