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OSHA Training to Make the Work Environment Safe

OSHA Training to Make the Work Environment Safe

OSHA Compliance

OSHA fines are expensive! A freak accident, or a disgruntled employee can cause a response from OSHA. Our team at On Demand Solutions can not only ensure that you are compliant, but we can also coach you on how to remain compliant. All businesses, from manufacturing settings to office settings, are required to be compliant with OSHA if they have 10 or more employees.

OSHA Services We Provide

- Customizable yearly OSHA Training, available in English and Spanish

- Safety Walk Throughs to ensure a continuous safe environment

- Training on properly filling out OSHA 300 forms

- Maintaining proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

- Making sure your employees are using proper PPE

- OSHA compliant First Responder Training 

- Creating a "Safety First" environment

- Assist in Workers Compensation, when it pertains to OSHA